“There is no sin in love . . . The sin is in loving.”

USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Schone delivers her Author’s Edition of Gabriel’s Woman, an incendiary bestseller that bares the deepest despair of a man so damaged he cannot endure the most fleeting of touches . . . and the woman who defies death to touch him.

I wanted to be an angel, so I took an angel’s name.

When the French madame gave me the opportunity to escape poverty by whoring for men, I took that, too.

I would take it again.

Make no mistake, I am a bastard. If you touch me, I will hurt you. And I assure you, I can hurt you in ways you’ve never dreamed.”

Gabriel’s Woman is the USA Today Bestselling sequel to The Lover.

“Gabriel is the most mesmerizing example of angst in print.” — AllReaders.com

Book Description of Gabriel’s Woman:

He is the untouchable angel, a man renowned for both his beauty and his past. He built the House of Gabriel—a night house where every carnal desire can be satisfied—for the sole purpose to lure the man who destroyed him. She is a well-born lady who escaped an abusive life to forge her own destiny. Only to be forced to live on London streets when summarily discharged from her position as a governess.

The stage has been set. The actors are in position.

Victoria, driven by destitution, auctions off her virginity—her sole remaining property—in the House of Gabriel. While the man who torments Gabriel’s every waking moment watches, a mastermind of unimaginable horrors.

Let the play begin . . .

Author’s Notes: Gabriel’s Woman is the sequel to the USA Today bestselling novel, The Lover. Both books are dark romances that deal with morally gray characters, trauma, violence, and male prostitution.